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Tech Fusion By Citrix Ready

Jul 8, 2021

Lakeside Software is a leader in digital experience monitoring and a Citrix partner. The company recently released a report, "The Future of Digital Workplaces Bridging the critical 2021 digital experience divide between CEOs, IT leaders, and employees."

I invited Peter Collins from Lakeside and Allen Furmanski from Citrix onto the podcast to discuss insights from the report and talk about how they are working together to solve some of the biggest business challenges around digital experiences. We also discuss how this partnership enables them to provide the visibility IT teams need to design and support productive digital workplaces.

About Peter

Peter Collins is a Senior Solution Architect with Lakeside Software, focusing on Digital Employee Experience. At Lakeside DEX is at the heart of what we do. SysTrack monitors 10,000 individual data points every 15 seconds, providing you with the richest insights into your employee experience. Peter has had the opportunity to work with some of the largest organizations, providing how to save money and make employees happier.

About Allen

Allen Furmanski is a Principal Product Marketing Manager with Citrix focusing on virtual app and desktop offerings and hybrid cloud solutions. He is a passionate IT professional, Citrix evangelist, creative problem-solver, and public speaker. In his personal time, Allen enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, digital photography, and trying new cuisines.