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Tech Fusion By Citrix Ready

Sep 7, 2022

The transformation of work and how we define the workplace have changed considerably over the last two years. As we continue to evolve, hybrid workspaces will become more complicated too, and the days of a one size fits all approach for employees and the devices they use will no longer work in a world where we need more options.

Large enterprises also have ESG scores and sustainability to consider before discarding thousands of old laptops or smartphones. But, again, there are many things to consider. For example, not everyone needs a high-powered machine, with task workers needing just a chrome book. But, equally, some teams with more intensive work with requirements around unified communications will need a higher spec device.

Kevin Greenway, CTO at 10ZiG Technology, has built a reputation for helping businesses with endpoints, specifically thin and zero clients for cloud workspaces and virtual desktops. Kevin joins Manjunatha Gali from Citrix on the podcast to discuss how companies looking to access Citrix have predominantly connected via Linux, MAC OS, and Windows-based operating systems. But as The workplace is evolving, companies are now looking towards Chromebooks with the introduction of Chrome OS flex.